Stories from the Streets

by Barrio Slam

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released April 18, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Fabian Rubio at 993kStudio in Pomona, CA.



all rights reserved


Barrio Slam Pomona, California

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Track Name: Intro
These are the stories
Stories From The Streets
The Barrio Slam experience
As clear as it could be
Where if you run your mouth
You get gunned down
Can never show you're weak
The harsh reality
These are the Stories From The Streets
Track Name: Ratas
Fucking ratas
You feel so tough

Pull a trigger
When fists aint enough

A coward with a gun
Respect was the foundation
But you young vatos never had enough

No respect for a life
That didn't mean shit to you

Take the life from raza
And we come for you

Blood spilled
For your ignorant ways
OG mentality
Has just gone to waste

Julio G. Homie Bird, This ones for you

Respect for respect pendejo
There aint no other way

Bust it
Track Name: Street Hustle
(A bunch of bullshit about paleteros and shit)

Have you ever felt so low
That you dont fucking know
if there's a light at the end of the tunnel

Where if it's worth the fight
Or if we should just give up
End it all. Dig my own hole with a shovel

Instead we pack our fists
Fight scum that just sees spics
Anaheim punks going on the rebuttal

KKK has no place
Working class ruled as slaves
Barrio Slam fight for our sisters and brothers

Mother fucker

God dammit man
Track Name: Xicano Hardcore
I'm a fucking Pocho
I'm a fucking wetback

Ni de aqui
Ni de aya

No place to leave my shit at

The outcasts of the outcasts
We aren't welcome here

A place that preaches unity
Unless your skin aint clear

Ni modo we don't need you
Cali blood runs black and brown
Xicano anger with aggressive sound

Jalisco punk in Pomona streets
Hardcore shows and Lowrider Meets

Go and run your mouth
We won't complain
One look at you
We'll end your game

We got ourselves
Nobody else
My broken English
Will shut your mouth

Para todos los del Barrio
Hermanos y Hermanas
Pobres, hambrientos,
desesperados, con suenos
Tienen un lugar

Xicano Fucking Hardcore

Buenos tiempos y malos amigos
Hermanos y hermanas
These streets, they fucking raised us.
Track Name: 10th & Rebecca
What can I say
Where I stay
Ghetto bird flying
Every day

Slow car scopin
Sun down hopin
I get no call
Of a brother fallen

10th and Rebecca
Tough love
and Bad Luck

Loving a place that didn't show no love

The days were different
Back as kids
Cruisin the bike
away from the sin

Hide and get it
Nothing explicit
Sun goes down and it's completely different



Y afuera es puro desmadre

Ya es hora de meterse
La virgen te proteje
Pero al diablo no le importa
Es lugar de mala suerte

Bad luck
Tough Love
No mercy from the streets

Bad luck
Bad luck
as hard as it could be

Bad luck
Tough Love
my place of memory

Bad luck
Bad Luck
No love that it showed me.
Track Name: Out
Abandoned homes
Forgotten Hopes
Stuck in between
Where I've been and where I should go

Smile now Cry later.
Personal instigator
The only reflection I hate
Is my fucking own

I could have given up
nothing was ever enough
But the end result would just leave things much worse

If it were for me I would just up and leave
But who could live a fucking life selfishly?

I just want out
But for now, I know you're here to rid that doubt.
I just want out
But with this mistake, I can't blame nobody else

And I
Just want things different
A story from the streets that's not so ignorant
And I
Just want to feel this
A happy home, a good experience
And I
want to accept myself
Without the times I went through hell
And I
want to free the cell
of broken homes for everybody else

I will never go back to be
The person I used to be
I will never go back to be
The person with no future foreseen

And I
want to accept myself
Without the times I went through hell
And I
want to free the cell
of broken homes for everybody else

But with these mistakes
I can't stand to blame somebody else

Not on my own
Not anymore
Not on my own
But still not home

I cleansed my life
The best advice
Stick to the ones
For whom you'd die.